Data Request

Guidelines for Requesting Information

To allow the Office of Strategic Analysis & Reporting (SAR) serve the data and information needs better on our campus and in the community at large, we implement the following data and information request process.

  1. Please check dashboards and data & reports pages. The information you are about to request might be available already. Please only request information that is not published.
  2. All data and information requests have to be submitted through our online Data Request Form.
  3. Please include all the information you need at one submission. Please do not submit duplicated requests.
  4. If you are working with others on the same project for data needs, please collaborate with them to submit one request to avoid similar or duplicate requests.
  5. Please make sure all fields in the form are complete.
  6. Please include the terms (i.e. Fall 2017, Spring 2018, etc.) and data elements (i.e. enrollment headcount by school, SCH by Level of Study, Number of Degrees Awarded etc.) in the Data Requested field.
  7. Someone in the Office of Strategic Analysis & Reporting will get back to you as soon as possible.
  8. We reserve the right to question the genuine purpose of every request for the benefit of the institution and the community at large.

Guidelines for Processing Request Priorities

The data needs at UNT Dallas have been greatly increased with the enrollment growth of the university, consequently with more decisions to make, more grant applications to file, more faculty involvement in research, and more interests from outside agencies. For the office of Strategic Analysis & Reporting to provide quality data and information to our stakeholders, we establish the following guidelines and in that order, to help the Office organize its work and priorities on daily basis.

  1. Accreditation and compliance projects. Timely reports to SACS, THECB, IPEDS, and LBB have the first priority.
    a. Coordinate legislative change with ITSS, admission, student records, and registrar;
    b. Provide data reports for SACS requirements;
    c. Verify accuracy and integrity of the data;
    d. Certify all the error free CBM reports;
    e. Coordinates all the IPEDS and LBB reports.
  2. Strategic planning and decision support to the executive management team.
    a. Provide relevant data and analysis to university strategic planning initiatives;
    b. Provide data and information to executive management team for decisionmaking.
    c. Provide insights to enrollment management teams to reach critical goals.
  3. Grant application projects.
    a. Grant applications to Department of Education and Department of Defense;
    b. Grant applications to National Science Foundation;
    c. Other grant applications.
  4. Program assessment and evaluation projects.
  5. Individual Faculty research proposals.
  6. Improving data access and reporting.
  7. Improving data management and governance.

Timeline: In each of the cases above, please give us at least two weeks to process the information requested.

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Please send an email to if you have trouble requesting information or have any questions.